There is a new outsider in the city of online credits

Internet has brought us a quick and easy way to get money without having to mess up too much. To make matters worse, these new possibilities have reached our lives when obtaining bank credit had become a very dangerous issue due to the emergence of the crisis.

Therefore, we receive with this open arms to that ‘fairy godmothers’ of the credit that we get from a quagmire although, of course, later we must return it with the consequent interests.

In this line, the comparator of immediate loans loans works and we love being able to present new proposals such as Personal Loan Lender , a fast loan company with which we have been working since this summer. However, despite the short time he has been active in our ranks, more than 5,000 customers have contacted Personal Loan Lender through our comparator, for something it will be right?

The truth is that its success does not surprise us, since Personal Loan Lender boasts of offering professionalism, profitability and ethics. Regarding this last aspect, his is this phrase: ‘We take the personal responsibility of our clients and interested parties in the decision-making process and we are committed to accessibility and transparency in all transactions’.

How do fast Personal Loan Lender loans work?

How do fast Personal Loan Lender loans work?

In the case that you are interested in the application for a fast loan with Personal Loan Lender, we will keep you updated on a few points and the matter will immediately be clear. If you are not as clear as the waters of Hawaii, do not hesitate to throw your doubt. That said, we continue:

  • Is there a limit to the first loan you request with this online financial? Yes, for your first time the maximum is set at 300¤. While on the following occasions, you can already request a credit of up to 700¤.
  • What period do customers have for the repayment of immediate loans ? Everything will depend on the amount requested. Thus, the amounts less than 500¤ have a maximum of 30 days for their return. On the other hand, those that exceed 500¤ are granted a somewhat longer period, specifically a period not exceeding 45 days.

Requirements to apply for a loan online with Personal Loan Lender

Requirements to apply for a loan online with Personal Loan Lender

The financial one only establishes two conditions and surely you don’t sweat the shirt so that you finally have a stone’s throw away from these immediate loans:

  • Be between 25 and 70 years old
  • Not be included in a delinquent file such as the Register of Unpaid Acts (RAI) or ASNEF

Of course, we must add other obvious requirements:

  • Have valid ID or NIE at the time of the loan application
  • Have an email
  • A mobile phone is required to receive messages
  • An active bank account that is where we will receive the credit money

How can you request a fast loan with this financial?

How can you request a fast loan with this financial?

Personal Loan Lender has taken pains to make its online credits accessible. Therefore, your request is very comfortable and for this you have devised two possible methods. Now it is a matter of the client to decide which one is more advantageous:

  • Via SMS
  • Through the internet, in a 100% online and convenient way you can request your loan

Can you request an extension for the loan payment?

Yes, you can. Therefore, if you consider that you need a little more time to pay the loan, in Personal Loan Lender you are granted an additional period of 15 days. However, this grace period involves a small expense. Thus, for example, extending a loan of 100¤, for an extra 15 days, would cost 27.51¤.

Of course, you can request that this additional term be applied to you on only two occasions. So use these two wild cards well.

Credit line

Personal Loan Lender has also thought of a credit line of up to 1,000 ¤ for its customers. In this way, once your application is approved (in a completely online procedure) you will have in your account the said amount so that you can use it in whatever you want. In its favor, speed, no paperwork, and an easy and flexible return . Of course, you only pay interest for the amount you finally use.

But where does Personal Loan Lender Bank come from?

Obviously we all want to know who we are asking for the money, right? Therefore, this section is indispensable. Thus, we can tell you that Personal Loan Lender has been in the business of urgent loans since 2005, and is based in Malta.

In addition, within Personal Loan Lender he is not an ‘only child’, because within the same company we can find Creditomovil; The two firms work hard in the online credit sector with good fortune.

The truth is that Personal Loan Lender has just debuted in the Spanish market, but it has been tanned in 23 countries where it has been present for a while. Among these we can mention Germany, Sweden and Norway. In addition, it has a European banking license and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2015.

On the occasion of its launch in Spain, the head of the Spanish market of the company, Lender, confessed the reason for the arrival of Personal Loan Lender Bank to Spain: ‘No procedure will require a physical presence, so, in this way, we respond to a growing demand that, for the moment, is not being met through the traditional system. With this launch the Personal Loan Lender Group shows again its pioneering initiative in new technologies for financial services’.


In short, it seems that the trick of getting money online has been reinforced with the arrival of a new player on the Spanish stage. Thus, Personal Loan Lender Bank becomes one more – or perhaps one of the best – companies when it comes to alleviating our urgent need for money.

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