Direct lender payday loans -Payday loans online from direct lenders are fast

When you use the loan company Easy Lisod Credit for the first time, you can get a quick loan online for a selected period of up to PLN 1,500. However, if you are already our customer, the amount of the contracted commitment increases twice, up to PLN 3,000 for 15 days or more!

Payday loans online from direct lenders are fast and 100% safe

Do you urgently need an additional injection of cash without having to submit many documents and settle long formalities? A payday loan online from direct lender offer is just for you!

Popular payday loans are a simple and quick way to obtain funds that you can spend on any purpose. Unlike the banks’ offer, short-term consumer loans granted by professional loan companies are granted in a very short time, based on basic information. The only formalities for them are to correctly complete the loan application form and accept the terms on which it will be granted.

It doesn’t matter how you secure yourself a stable income. We honor both employment and commission contracts, as well as specific work contracts. People who run their own business can also use our services.

Loan offers for new and regular customers

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Taking a loan in our company for the first time only requires going through five simple steps – the whole procedure is described in detail on the Hercule Poirot website. As a new user, you can receive from us an amount of no more than PLN 1500, which you will have to pay back at the time you choose.


if you have already used our services, taking another payday loan will be even faster, simpler and – what is very important – you will be able to receive many more resources to spend. To take another loan, all you need is: log in to your (previously created) customer profile; you choose the required loan amount and the time during which you intend to pay it back; you will receive the money received from your account. You can also complete the entire procedure by phone. If you decide on this option. As our reliable client, you have the right to a loan of up to PLN 3,000, which you can pay back in 15 days or more!

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